Return of the Jedi's posted on Nov 24 2006 by allagesradio

AAR live on air with a vengeance!
In the words of John McClane "I'm working on a nice, big suspension" posted on Oct 11 2006 by allagesradio

I suppose that sometimes it’s better to be mediocre and stay in the back round. Stay off the respective radar. Unfortunately, we have been taken off the air completely until November 24th. Thereby putting an end to Rocktober, I would like to apologize to Rocky Denis, Secret Agent Bill, the Bollweevils and the Briggs who won’t be able to perform on the show because of this. We are no strangers to this as we have been getting fucked with ever since Kevin and Gordon graduated. There have been people who have gone to bat for us and I thank them, but when people feel like they have something to prove everyone suffers. We admit that some things were said that shouldn’t have been…but we didn’t say any of them. I can’t really go into detail about this because “they” said that “they” would cancel the show altogether if we did. But there are questions to be asked and I would try here…
I know that our lives will be a little empty on Friday nights, maybe yours will be to. But we’ll come back, and going through things like this will only make us better. So come November 24th, prepare to get your face rocked by the American Dream, All Ages Radio.

-White Mike and Kara

“Even At our worst, were still better than most.” – Against Me!

STRIKE ANYWHERE - DEAD FM posted on Sep 21 2006 by allagesradio

We Strike Anywhere and everywhere, with our interview with Strike Anywhere's dredded frontman, Thomas.

Dead FM. Birth defects. Japan.
Double Digits! posted on Sep 15 2006 by allagesradio

Ok, I know I haven't updated this thing in what seems like forever but this worth searching through countless e-mail to find the passwords. Tonight All Ages Radio turns 10 years old!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Tune in to celebrate with the people who made this possible. It's the American Dream!

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Oh! Calcutta! posted on Mar 27 2006 by allagesradio

That's right, on this weeks show we'll have the Lawrence Arms (shazam!!!) Also if I were you I'd drink some energy drinks or maybe get your hands on some expired Jolt, because as Ween would's gonna be a long night!
The Fold posted on Feb 15 2006 by allagesradio

We are having the Fold come in the studio to talk about their up coming release "This Too Shall Pass."

Also if you're wondering about what the hell happened to the Poser read the most convoluted story.

Also for Feb. 24th Interview with A Wilhelm Scream. NFL! Fuck yeah!
We're putting the record on just to make a sound! posted on Nov 07 2005 by allagesradio

This week we have on the program Greg from Bouncing Souls.

Also we infiltrate Riot Fest!
Interview with the Adicts posted on Nov 01 2005 by allagesradio

Tune in this week to get the low down with the longest serving punk band with the origional line up!
ROCKTOBER posted on Oct 14 2005 by allagesradio

Well ROCKTOBER is under way, and I finally figured out how to post news up here. On tonights show: HEWHOCORRUPTS live in the snake pit.

…Coming up Holy Roman Empire (10/21) Short of All (10/28) Halloween Special.

Furthermore we would like to thank all the people how have stood by us through the host transition (Kevin and Gordon, you are still missed by many) and all those who have stood up on our behalf and have faith in All Ages Radio.

So this is it... posted on Sep 07 2005 by allagesradio

Well friends, the time we have all been so easy to put off has finally arrived.

For the past four years, we (Kevin and Gordon) have put our entire lives into a little radio show and watched as it grew into a kind of not as small, but still small radio show. We started out as scared kids with 4 hours on the radio every week and developed into cocky and hilarious men by week three of running the show. Who wouldn’t? We had a show that had been around for years prior to us with incredible past hosts, and now, we were in charge of goofing around and playing the best music in the world. That would even make a priest a tad bit cocky. Maybe not.

The point is this, for four years, this has been our baby, our lives, our love, and our passion. In a new world and era of safe radio, we were given the freedom to be creative and edgy, all while being missed by the “man” and his radar. College radio is the best radio there is, hands down. All Ages Radio was created by college radio and will remain a part of college radio for years to come. With each new host or hosts, the show has shaped itself into a something a little different and we have faith in the new father of AAR, White Mike, and that he will take it and make it his own, just as we were trusted to do years back.

Hosting this show has been one of our proudest moments, and the feeling of someone saying to us, “I listen to your show” is something that cannot be described. There are not enough “thank you’s” available for to us show each and every one of you the thanks you deserve for even tuning your radio or internet to All Ages Radio on Friday nights. Our appreciation is beyond comprehension and even words.

Through this show, we have gained so much and lost nothing. We always knew what we were doing on Friday night and that was such a great feeling. People always ask us if we were ever upset that we didn’t get to do something else on Friday nights, and we always laughed in their faces. Are you kidding? This is where we wanted to be. This is what we wanted to be doing. The very few times that we have been unable to make the show, it is all we thought about and talked about, and we definitely didn’t like being away. It has been what we loved to do. The memories that we are taking away from all of this cannot be replaced.

The biggest gain of all through this show, are the friendships that have come from telling terrible jokes on the radio. Through simply opening our doors one Halloween to the listeners, we met a man that has turned into one of the greatest friends of a lifetime, Stefan Giovani Coisson. As most of you know, Stefan has been with us for most of our time here and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for everything. The show has never been the same when Stefan has been involved and his loyalty to us has been unmatched by anyone. He found his role to be the butt of most jokes, but took them with his beautiful laugh and we love him for it. So, Stefan, thank you.

I think it goes without being said, but we’ll say it anyway…not only have each of us gained a great friend in Stefan, but through this show, both of us have gained a best friend in each other. It’s not a sob story or a touching twist to the plot, it’s simply the truth. Having a radio show such as All Ages is one thing, but to host it with your friend is what makes it what it has been to us for the past four years.

So now with all of that said, it is time to let our child run off with another man and become the cool uncles of the show. You haven’t heard the last of us in Chicago, that we can assure you, but one thing we can tell you right now, is that All Ages Radio is about to gain two new listeners and we can’t wait. These have been the best times of our lives and it is very hard to let go, but it is now White Mike’s time to shine. Thank you to all of the bands and people that have made this so easy for us and most of all, thank you to the people who traded their Friday nights in to listen to a radio show.

Please join us for our final broadcast of All Ages Radio, this Friday, September 9th at Midnight, where we will be celebrating four years of screwing up the radio. Our friend Tim from Rise Against will be on hand to play a few songs and wish us off in style, as well as tons of friends from the past and present that have made this show possible.

Thank you again, and we’ll talk to you this Friday. Please don’t miss it.

We love you,

Kevin and Gordon

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